13-14 czerwca 2024 14:00

10th Wroclaw Calcified Lesions
Advanced Workshop
prof. Krzysztof Reczuch
prof. Mirosław Ferenc

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14:00 - 14:55

Workshops „hands on” 

  • Boston Scientific:
    Rotational atherectomy simulators
    P. Kubler, Wroclaw

    - IVUS simulators
    M. Lesiak, Poznań
  • Abiomed Workshop „hands -on”
    Daniel Marciniak, Clinical Trainer EMEA

    - Access and Groin Management – the Use of Ultrasound for Vascular Access
    - Patient management - AIC simulator
  • Shockwave / SYMICO
    Workshops organized at partner's exhibition stand
  • CT Guided PCI
    Agnieszka Witkowska, Wrocław, Poland

    Florian Guillemin, Paris, France GE Healthcare
    Tomasz Świerzyński, Warszawa, Poland GE Healthcare
15:00 - 15:10

Welcome address and opening

  • Krzysztof Reczuch & Mirosław Ferenc – Course Directors
  • Emanuele Barbato – Past  President of the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions 
  • Robert Gil – President of the Polish Cardiac Society
  • Michał Hawranek – President of the Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions of the Polish Cardiac Society
  • Beatriz Vaquerizo – President of Euro4C Group
  • Piotr Ponikowski – Rector of the Wroclaw Medical University
15:10 - 16:40

Session 1: Hot topics in the field of calcified lesions angioplasty

Chairmen: B. Vaquerizo, K. Reczuch
Panel: P. Dardas, M. Lesiak, J. Legutko, Z. Ruzsa, K. Wilczek, R. Parma
Media Driver: M. Kosowski

15:10 - 16:00

Part 1: EAPCI & Euro4C 2023 Consensus Document on Calcified Lesions and the newest European Registry on Calcified STEMI

  • Management strategies for heavily calcified coronary stenoses – key EAPCI/Euro4C Group recommendations
    Emanuele Barbato   
  • European ROCA STEMI Registry – preliminary results
    Beatriz Vaquerizo
  • Discussion – how did I implement these recommendations into my daily routine?
    Do I use more often:
    - imaging?
    - atherectomy? 
    - how do I treat calcified STEMI?
  • Audience interaction  (voting system; Q&A)                        
16:00 - 16:40

Part 2: The changing landscape of calcium dedicated devices and… operators

  • Senior operator`s point of view: from first RA in Poland to 2024 – my thoughts on HCCL treatment
    P. Buszman
  • Young operator`s point of view: my thoughts on HCCL treatment
    W. Zimoch
  • Young or old - my thoughts on a CHIP operator
    M. Lesiak
  • Discussion & audience interaction (Q&A)
16:40 - 17:00

Coffee Break

17:00 - 18:40

Session 2: How to treat different clinical and anatomical subsets of calcified lesions. Case based session presented by ACVI Heavily Calcified Lesions Task Force of the Polish Cardiac Society

Chairmen: P. Kubler, M. Ferenc
Panel: M. Hawranek, Z. Huczek, L. Rzeszutko, N. Mezilis, A. Ochała, Z. Ruzsa
Media Driver: B.Tomasiewicz

  • Left main
    T. Pawłowski
  • CTO
    W. Zimoch
  • Ostial RCA 
    P. Kleczyński
  • Stent underexpansion and restenosis
    W. Wańha 
  • Long & tortous lesion
    P. Waciński
  • Calcified nodule
    P. Kubler
  • STEMI 
    B. Vaquerizo
  • Patient on dialysis 
    Ł. Lewicki
  • Discussion & audience interaction                                                              
18:40 - 19:00

Coffee Break

19:00 - 20:15

Session 3: How to avoid mistakes and complications - learn from your peers. Young operators session

Chairmen: M. Hawranek, P. Kleczyński
Panel: P. Kubler, W. Wańha, M. Protasiewicz, Ł. Lewicki, R. Wyderka
Media Driver: W. Zimoch

  • Lubin/Legnica - "You can't put the same shoe on every foot" - Calcified MVD  
    P. Rola
  • Włocławek - Challenges in calcified in-stent restenosis treatment
    B. Czarniak
  • Zabrze - Severe multifocal atherosclerosis requiring intervention
    M. Wróbel
  • Poznań-LM rota PCI 
    M. Lesiak
  • Wrocław 4 WSK - Keep LEFT,...is my approach RIGHT?
    K. Ściborski 
  • Białystok - Calcified nodule in LM and LAD - how to treat?
    K. Dobrzycki


15:10 - 16:55

Hands-on workshop: intravacular imaging by OCT (optical coherent tomography)

Workshop leaders: Michał Hawranek, Michał Wróbel
Workshop are intended to teach participants with Ultreon 2.0 software 
Newest European guidelines at intravascular imaging.
Clinical cases management and discussion with usage od demolaptops 
Features and advantages coming from use of Ultreon 2.0 software 
Workshops under the patronage of ABBOTT

Uwaga! Na warsztaty obowiązuje rejestracja drogą mailową: Joanna Myszczyszyn
19:00 - 20:00

Workshops “hands-on”

CT Guided PCI 
Agnieszka Witkowska, Wrocław, Poland,
Florian, Florian Guillemin, Paris, France GE Healthcare,  
Tomasz Świerzyński, Warszawa Poland GE Healthcare

07:30 - 08:30

Workshops „hands on” 

  • CT Guided PCI 
    Agnieszka Witkowska, Wrocław, Poland
    Florian, Florian Guillemin, Paris, France GE Healthcare
    Tomasz Świerzyński, Warszawa, Poland GE Healthcare
08:30 - 10:35

Session 4: The widening scope of calcium dedicated devices

Chairmen: E. Barbato, N. Mezilis
Panel: R. Gil, Z. Ruzsa, J. Legutko, R. Przybylski, W. Kuliczkowski, M. Hawranek
Media Driver:
M. Kosowski

  • Live case 1
    - Long calcified LAD/Dg lesion with a calcified nodule in LAD ostium and a stent in mid LAD; from Wrocław University Hospital
    Operators: M. Ferenc/W. Zimoch
    IVUS: T. Roleder
  • Live case 2
    - Long calcified LAD lesion; from Bad Krozingen/Germany
    Operators: F. Rahimi, N. Loeffelhardt
  • State of the art 1:
    Expanding Treatment Options across Calcium Morphologies – How IVL is changing the game
    E. Barbato
  • How would you treat this patient 1
    - Audience interaction: voting system, panel discussion, comments, conclusions
    P. Dardas
  • Live in the box 1
    - Cutting  balloons – don`t we underuse?
    M. Lesiak
  • State of the art 2:
    Laser atherectomy
    P. Waciński
    Under the patronage of Philips
  • How would you treat this patient 2
    Audience interaction: voting system, panel discussion, comments, conclusions
    Z. Ruzsa
10:35 - 10:50

Coffee break

10:50 - 12:50

Session 5: How to optimize procedures?  “Nothing left behind” strategy

Chairmen: J. Legutko, P. Dardas
E. Barbato, R. Gil, N. Mezilis, B. Vaquerizo, R. Przybylski, M. Lesiak
Media Driver:
B. Tomasiewicz

  • Live case 3
    Long calcified lesion with diffuse in-stent restenosis in the RCA in a patient with 3 vessel disease;  from Wrocław University Hospital
    Operators: P. Kubler/M. Ferenc
    IVUS/OCTT. Roleder
  • Live in the box 2
    - 3Dstent a new tool for stent optimization in calcified lesions      
    S. Brugaletta
  • State of the art 3
    - IVUS Calcium Score
    J. Legutko
  • State of the art 4 
    - OCT Calcium Score
    S. Bartuś
  • Lecture:
    - My personal view on IVUS vs OCT scores in calcified lesions
    R. Gil
  • Live in the box 3
    - Complex HCCL PCI
    M. Lesiak
  • Live in the box 4
    - Are microcatheters equal?
    L. Bryniarski
  • How would you treat this patient 3 
    Audience interaction: voting system, panel discussion, comments, conclusions
    N. Mezilis
  • Audience interaction                                                             
12:50 - 13:45


13:45 - 15:30

Session 6: Patients with HFrEF and HCCL

Chairmen: Z. Ruzsa, S. Bartuś
Panel: E. Barbato, R. Gil, P. Dardas, B. Vaquerizo, R. Parma, R. Przybylski
Media Driver: M. Kosowski

  • Live case 4
    - Protected PCI – full revascularization in a patient with LM + multivessel disease, HFrEF and CKD
    Operators: M. Lesiak/M. Ferenc
  • State of the art 5: no/low contrast PCI
    M. Hawranek
  • State of the art 6
    - The efficacy and safety of OPN balloons in the treatment of calcified lesions
    F. Cuculi
  • Live in the box 5
    Calcifications in CTO and CHIP - case based solutions
    G. Sobieszek
    In cooperation with BIOTRONIK
  • State of the art 7
    - Protected PCI

    N. Van Mieghem
  • How would you treat this patient 4                                                                        
    - Audience interaction: voting system, panel discussion, comments, conclusion
    M. Kosowski
  • PCI of RCA using different modifications techniques of highly calcified coronary lesions
    K. Kochański


Summary of the Meeting

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