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21.01 - 22.01 / 2022

8th Wroclaw Rotablation Meeting
Wroclaw Rotablation Course
Krzysztof Reczuch, MD, PhD
Miroslaw Ferenc, MD

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15:00 - 15:15
Welcome and introduction
  • Krzysztof Reczuch and M. Ferenc – Course Directors
  • Emanuele Barbato – President-Elect of the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions 
  • Mirosław Ferenc – President of the EURO 4C Group
  • Marek Grygier – President of the Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions of the Polish Cardiac Society
  • Piotr Ponikowski – Rector of the Wroclaw Medical University
15:15 - 16:15
Session 1 The growing problem of coronary calcifications

Chairmen: Emanuele Barbato, Beatriz Vaquerizo
Panel: Javier Escaned, Flavio Ribichini, Maciej Lesiak, Nikolaos Mezilis, Sławomir Dobrzycki, Tomasz Roleder

  • Coronary calcifications – prevalence, impact on procedural and long - term outcomes
    Marek Grygier
  • The increasing role of noninvasive and intracoronary imaging in the planning and performing rotational atherectomy
    Jacek Legutko
  • How to treat calcified plaques today? Balloons, IVL, atherectomy, laser - pro`s & con`s
    Javier Escaned
  • Indications and contraindications for rotablation AD 2022
    Mohamed Abdel-Wahab
  • Q&A, discussion 
16:15 - 17:45
Session 2 How to perform rotablation as smoothly as possible

Chairmen: Flavio Ribichini, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab
Panel: Emanuele Barbato, Mirosław Ferenc, Jacek Legutko, Krzysztof Wilczek, Georg Gaul, Wojciech Wojakowski

  • Arterial access & guiding catheter
    Nikolaos Mezilis
  • How to select the rotawire & burr
    Petros Dardas
  • When to use temporary pacemaker?
    Piotr Kubler
    Rotablation step by step, technical issues
    How to place the rotawire; how to deliver/exchange the burr
    Mirosław Ferenc
    All about the burr, the brake & other tips and tricks 
    Georg Gaul 
    The burr is through – what next: imaging, bigger burr, balloons, IVL?
    Flavio Ribichini
  • Rotablation – problem-solving
    Problems with the rotawire (positioning, goes out, bend etc.) 
    Mirosław Ferenc
    Problems with the burr – rotablation resistant lesion and other
    Georg Gaul
    Q&A, discussion 
17:45 - 18:00
18:00 - 20:00
Session 3 Complications & different clinical scenarios

Chairmen: Mirosław Ferenc, Maciej Lesiak  
Panel: Petros Dardas, Beatriz Vaquerizo, Jorge Palazuelos, Jarosław Wójcik, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, Stanisław Bartuś

Part 1: Complications - when to expect, how to avoid, warning signs

  • Stuck burr/burr entrapment
    Wojtek Wojakowski
  • Slow/no flow during burr passage
    Beatriz Vaquerizo
  • Perforation/tamponade during/before burr passage
    Sławomir Dobrzycki
  • Q&A, discussion 

Part 2: Rotablation in different clinical scenarios

  • Acute coronary syndrome
    Emanuele Barbato 
  • TAVI
    Flavio Ribichini
  • Chronic total occlusion
    Leszek Bryniarski
  • Low EF/last remaining vessel 
    Stanisław Bartuś
  • Q&A, discussion 
09:00 - 10:30
Session 4 Live case 1, live in the box 1

Chairmen: Flavio Ribichini, Mirosław Ferenc
Panel: Georg Gaul, Jorge Palazuelos, Leszek Bryniarski, Petros Dardas, Andrzej Ochała, Tomasz Pawłowski

  • Part 1. Live case 1 - live transmission from the University Hospital Wroclaw
    A 70 y-o man with a calcified nodule in LAD
    Maciej Lesiak, Marcin Protasiewicz, IVUS – Tomasz Roleder
  • Part 2. Live in the box 1 - from Verona
    Operators: Flovio Ribichini & Team

    Preliminary report:
    Which strategy is less traumatic after first burr passage:
    bigger burr or high pressure inflation? Pilot, randomized OCT study
    Tomasz Roleder, Krzysztof Reczuch, Wroclaw

10:30 - 10:45
10:45 - 12:15
Session 5 Live case 2, case in the box 2, prerecorded cases 1

Chairmen: Nikolaos Mezilis, Georg Gaul
Panel: Petros Dardas, Tomasz Pawłowski, Marcin Protasiewicz, Sławomir Dobrzycki, Krzysztof Wilczek, Wojtek Wojakowski

  • Part 1: Live case 2 - live transmission from the University Hospital Wroclaw
    A 50-y-o man with end stage renal disease, multivessel disease and calcified lesions
    Mirosław Ferenc, Piotr Kubler, OCT – Tomasz Roleder
  • Part 2: Live in the box 2 - from Krakow.
    How imaging may change plans in a patient with multivessel calcified lesions?
    Operators: Jacek Legutko & Team
  • Part 3. Prerecorded cases 1
12:15 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:30
Session 6 Live case 3, live in the box 3, prerecorded cases 2

Chairmen: Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, Jacek Legutko
Panel: Nikolaos Mezilis, Wiktor Kuliczkowski, Maciej Lesiak,Stanisław Bartuś, Tomasz Pawłowski, Sławomir Dobrzycki

  • Part 1. Live case 3 - live transmission from the University Hospital Wroclaw
    A 62-y.o. man with a long calcified lesion in LAD and a lesion in Cx
    Mirosław Ferenc, Piotr Kubler; IVUS – Tomasz Roleder
  • Part 2. Live in the box 3 - from Poznań
    Operators: Maciej Lesiak & Team
  • Part 3. Prerecorded cases 2
14:30 - 14:50
14:50 - 17:00
Session 7: Live in the box 4 & 5 & 6 & 7, prerecorded cases 3

Chairmen: Georg Gaul, Stanisław Bartuś
Panel: Piotr Kubler, Petros Dardas, Jarosław Wójcik, Leszek Bryniarski, Nickolas Mezilis, Andrzej Ochała

  • Live in the box 4 - from Białystok
    84-y-o women with a calcified LM, LAD and Cx

    Operators: Sławomir Dobrzycki & Team
  • Live in the box 5 - from Wroclaw
    Heavily calcified CTO LAD in a patient with multivessel disease

    Operators: Wojciech Zimoch & Wiktor Kuliczkowski
  • Live in the box 6 - from Saloniki. TAVI followed by RCA Rotablation
    Operators: Petros Dardas & Nikolaos Mezilis
  • Live in the box 7 - from Saloniki. IVUS guided LMS-LAD Rotablation
    Petros Dardas & Nick Mezilis

    Prerecorded cases:

    3. A patient with acute coronary syndrome. Krzysztof Domagała
    4. Further cases tbd
17:00 - 17:05
Summary of the Meeting


Call for Cases


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